Emils Veveris.

Polymath marketer stair stepping to multipreneurship.

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Co-founder at Atom8.

Previously I led growth at Lokalise, a fast-growing B2B SaaS. I was one of the first marketing hires (employee #20). During my time at the company, revenue grew from $2m ARR to $20m ARR, and the marketing team grew from 1 to 30+ people.

A decade in marketing and growth. I've worked with dozens of startups and scaleups including Quimbee, Ahrefs, Isolta, Baseballism, Athletic Greens and more.

You can check my full resume on LinkedIn.

My professional journey began in a completely different field (see "how I got here").

Traveling full-time since 2020.

How I got here

  • Studied finance. Got my first job as an analyst for a large global beer brewer. Later got promoted to work in the supply chain.
  • A major project I worked on was SAP implementation. My first exposure to tech and enterprise B2B SaaS.
  • Managed to automate nearly 80% of the daily procurement tasks and started to get bored. Furthermore, I didn't see myself developing a corporate career. And office life stopped making sense.
  • Started to dig into the world of tech and startups.
  • Learned how to code, design and market in the evenings. Launched my first product. It failed.
  • Started freelancing on the side (I didn't quit my job). From building websites to digital marketing.
  • Got laid off. I used the severance money as a pre-seed investment to break into tech and become an entrepreneur.
  • Launched a CRO agency working with e-commerce brands.
  • I pivoted to solopreneurship doing growth marketing for SaaS brands.
  • Joined an early-stage B2B SaaS startup full-time. Helped it scale to $20m ARR.
  • Now I'm building Atom8 and other projects.

Careers are not linear.

More about me

My name in my native language is Emīls but in English it's Emil. In Spanish and Portuguese it's Emilio. It's derived from the Latin word Amelius which means “to strive,” “excel,” or “rival" (I'll take that).


  • Non-zero sum games
  • Long-term games with long-term people
  • Palm trees
  • Italian food
  • Surfing
  • Remote work
  • Aesthetics
  • Humour
  • Prosperity
  • Experiences and adventure
  • Authenticity


  • Zero-sum games
  • Shopping malls and suburbs
  • Tribalism
  • Over-optimization
  • Conventional wisdom
  • Mindless consumption
  • Accumulating stuff
  • Elitism
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